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Celeste Newbrough is an author and activist. Born in New Orleans in 1939, she lives in Berkeley California. She is married to Dr. Ilona L. Pivar. Celeste’s books include The Angel of Polk Street, Unspent Motion, The Archetype Strikes Back, The Norita Book, The Zanscripts, The New I/eye (co-edited with Stan Rice), and Pagan Psalms. Over the past five decades, her stories, poetry, and articles have appeared in literary, feminist, and gay journals. Her essays on evolutionary feminism and the social impacts of reproductive technologies are published in academic and online journals. Celeste was Coordinator, Co-Chair, and President of the Board of the 1978 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade and Celebration, and was founding Chair of the Southern Regional Conference of the National Organization for Women. As a producer for KPFA Radio throughout the 1980s, she produced programs on women's issues. As Director of Academic Indexing Service, she has written scholarly indexes for major institution and universities. She was a contributor to in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Women’s Studies, 2000.