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May 28, 2017

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Set in San Francisco replete with Jungian therapist and an angel in theater-in-the-round talking about how when you are the victim, everyone thinks it's your fault, dealing with kidnapping and striking deep horror to anyone who has ever been (or known) a mother... this artful novel is a must-read. Celeste Newbrough is clearly a stunning writer speaking emotionally to universal themes. Her characters are real, deeply molded people, and her scenes pull in the reader at such a pace that soon you become a page-turner without even becoming aware of the process."
                                   Batya Weinbaum
       Author of Islands of Women and                      Amazons, Feminist Voices.
             Founder, Femspec Journal, Art                           Director, Feminna Sube

Newbrough’s matter of fact prose drives this compelling story of abduction, survival, and hope. More literary than thriller, the novel nonetheless keeps the reader turning pages as her characters arrive at their often surprising destinations. Powerful and insightful, The Angel of Polk Street delivers an  unflinching examination of the best and worst aspects of the human condition.                        Nathan Beauchamp,
 Co-author, Universe Extended,  Award-winning  science fiction series                                      

 “The truth is we don’t create our children… Remember what Lee called herself before we found her?  Don’t you think it’s possible Lee would’ve grown up to be Leslie even if he’d stayed with us?” is the final question posed by the mother of the young narrator in The Angel of Polk Street. Readers of this heartrending and gripping affirmation of transgender identity will answer a resounding “YES, BRAVA!”                                   
                         Marjorie Larney, Author,                   LGBT Youth  Human Rights                         

Celeste Newbrough creates a transcendent, translucent character in The Angel of Polk Street.                                                      Elizabeth Anderson                            Playwright, Bijou Gardens

 A unique and powerful tale of coming of age in America. The prose is intense and dramatic, leading the reader into complete submersion in this dark yet inspiring tale. Newbrough is a master of creating suspense from the unfolding of character.                      Andrea Wesley                                     Nightwood Journal


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